If you are currently receiving medical treatment or have done so recently the massage may not be suitable, please consult your GP/Doctor before visiting us.  For certain injuries like a slipped disk, a pinched nerve, massage might be unsuitable to relieve the pain.


We kindly ask ladies prior to a full body massage not to put on heavy make up or fake tan.
Switch Mobile phones to silent so as not to annoy others patrons in the shop.


If someone is late for their appointment then the time will be deducted from the session if we have another customer booked in directly after.
If you wish or need to cancel your massage for any reason, we will offer you a full refund within the first 10 minutes of the massage starting only.


Please keep all your personal belongings such as wallets, hand bags and jewellery with you at all times.  Orchid Thai Massage cannot guarantee the safety of such items if left unattended.


Our vouchers maybe used up to 1 year from the purchase date.


For massage deals that we will run from time to time, we ask that these massages are booked in advance.  You can use no more than 1 discount scheme at any time for a single massage.


Due to increased staffing and insurances costs our pricing structure is as follows:
After 10:30pm, a standard 60 min massage costs £60 or £1 per minute.
After 11:30pm, a standard 60 min massage costs £90 or £1.50 per minute.

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